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Introducing our KENT PRO Service Team, dedicated to serving businesses of all sizes. Our knowledgeable PRO Team specializes in contractor-grade products, providing start-to-finish assistance for your projects. Plus, our drive-through lumber yards offer a swift in-and-out experience with a Dedicated team.

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Connect with our KENT PRO Service Team at your local store to explore exclusive PRO pricing options. Manage multiple payment methods for you and your team. Benefit from Our in-house accounts to make purchases based on agreed payment terms.

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Our Delivery Team will work with you to book a delivery or return pick-up time that works with your schedule and we have a strong network of store locations covering urban and rural areas on the East Coast. 95% of Atlantic Canadian households are within our delivery zone.

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Maximize your benefits with PRO Rewards – opt-in to earn up to 4% back, including bonus rewards featured on the MY PRO OFFERS page. Unlock extra value on eligible orders, both in-store and online, with up to 4% back on annual cash, credit card, or in-house account purchases.




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Dedicated PRO Service Team

Our Dedicated PRO Service Team is knowledgeable on all contractor grade products and services. With our industry knowledge we can assist you from start to finish with your jobs.

Manage Your Business Online

In your KENT PRO Online profile, you can see your in-store and online order history, including invoices and in-house account statements.

View / Download Invoices

An important aspect of running your own business is keeping your finances in order. To help you manage your invoices we are adding your invoices to your online profile. Under My Invoices in your Account Dashboard, you will be able to search for invoices, view them online, download in PDF, Excel, csv, or export in bulk for use in accounting systems like QuickBooks.

View / Download Statements

When your monthly statement is generated, it will continue to be sent to you the same way you currently receive it and will be added to your My Statements page in your Account Dashboard. You can view the statements, download the statement on its own, or download the statement along with its invoices. The company administrator can manage which users have access to viewing Statements and Invoices. The company administrator will receive an email notifying them when a new statement has been posted to their account. You can turn off these email notifications under Manage Subscriptions.

Drive Through Lumber Yards​

In our Drive through lumber yards, we have a team of yard associates dedicated to getting you in and out as fast as possible.

Quick Ordering​

Your orders can contain many skus, use the quick ordering upload feature to load a list of all the materials you need for your next job.

Material Lists​

Always ordering the same group of items? To save you time, pre-load as many material lists as you need.

Estimating Service​

Providing accurate quotes to your customers is crucial for the success of your company. Trust our professional Estimators to provide accurate take offs from your blueprints or project designs.

3D Design Service

Using up to date 3D design software like Seljax and 20/20. Our team can bring your project designs to life to share with your clients or team.

Window specialists

Our window specialists will support you through the selection, measuring, and ordering process for your biggest jobs. They are your key contact with our Window suppliers to ensure your order is accurate and delivered on time.

Extended PRO Hours

We know your time is valuable so our PRO Service desk and lumberyards are open early.

Indoor Lumberyards with Drive Through

On the East Coast, our weather can change quickly to rain or snow. To keep you and your material clean and dry, visit our indoor lumberyards in select locations.

Property Maintenance

We offer a range of services for property maintenance businesses. A member of our PRO Service team can walk you through price consistency, inventory management, order efficiencies, customized orders and specialized product catalogues.

Commercial Services

From steel studs to commercial roofing, our PRO Services Team can access the materials you need to complete your largest jobs.

Bulletin Board

Keep an eye on commodity indexes, industry updates, and how-to videos in the KENT PRO Online Bulletin Board.

Manage Your Team Online

In your KENT PRO Online account dashboard, you can build your team structure with roles and permissions for each team member. Give the right amount of access so they can help your business be more efficient.


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Professional Pricing

Talk with our PRO Service Team at your local KENT store to learn more about your PRO pricing options.

Manage Payment Methods Online​

In your KENT PRO Online profile, you can add and manage multiple payment methods for you and your team.

Flexible Payment Options

Our in-house accounts allow PRO customers to make purchases based on agreed payment terms.

Special and Custom Orders

Our buying team is connected to local and global markets, helping source all your special-order needs.


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Initiate a Return Online

When a project ends and you have materials left over, you can snap a picture of the product and submit a form online to have our Kent Fleet team dispatched to pick up your products. On the My Orders page, you will see a new button to “Initiate Return”. Complete the form, submit it, and the Kent delivery team will be in touch to arrange the pick-up.

Enhanced Delivery Notifications

By adding in-store orders to your online profile, we will now send email updates to the user who created the order. If that user does not exist on your company roster, the delivery email updates will be sent to the Company Administrator.
NOTE: If you would prefer to turn off these delivery emails, you can manage this under “Manage Subscriptions” in your Account Dashboard.

Strong Network

We have a strong network of store locations covering urban and rural areas on the East Coast. 95% of Atlantic Canadian households are within our delivery zone.

Preferred Delivery Options

Select your preferred delivery options when checking out online or contact your PRO Service Team to schedule your next delivery direct to your jobsite. Our team will work with you to book a delivery time that works with your schedule.

Fast and Flexible Fleet

With our fast and flexible fleet of delivery vehicles, including cube vans, flatbeds, and boom trucks, we can deliver safely, accurately and on time to any size job.

Shipment Updates

Check the status of your online orders with integrated shipment tracking.

Buy Online Pick Up In-Store

When ordering online you can select to pick up your products at your nearest store.

Local Market Inventory

The KENT PRO Online system will utilize the delivery market inventory to fulfill your orders. Even if your preferred store is out of stock.

Delivery Support

When planning a large drywall order, talk to our PRO Service Team to arrange for extra labour to support your delivery. Extra charges may apply.

Industry Leading Boom Trucks

Whether it is a pallet of shingles being lifted onto the roof or drywall for the 2nd floor of a multi-unit, our boom trucks can lift your product into elevated places. This value added service improves safety on your jobsite and saves you time and money.


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Redeem PRO Rewards In-store or Online

You can now redeem your PRO Rewards in-store to buy gift cards, in-stock items, or special orders.

Get PRO Rewards and AIR MILES® Reward Miles

You can earn PRO Rewards and AIR MILES® Reward Miles in-store and online.

PRO Rewards

Unlock extra value with PRO Rewards on eligible orders - in-store and online. Get up to 4% back in on your annual cash, credit card, or in-house account purchases.

Personalized My PRO Offers

The full list of your offers is found under the menu option “Promotions and Offers > My PRO Offers” or click “View All” (App users) from the home page My PRO Offers widget.

In this section you will find 4 tabs:

Upcoming Offers: From time to time, we’ll give you a sneak peek to offers coming up soon. These offers must be “Loaded” to your profile before you place an order.

Available Offers: Available offers are personalized to your business and require you to “LOAD” the offer to your profile before you place your order. To load the offer, simply click the “LOAD OFFER” button to activate or opt-in for that offer. This is very much like you see with rewards programs from your grocery store chains and other popular loyalty programs. Loadable offers cannot be shared with other PRO Rewards Members because they are aligned to your PRO Rewards account.

Loaded Offers: Offers found in this section are ready for you to earn. If you “LOAD” an offer, it will move to the “Loaded Offers” tab. Loaded offers will show as “Completed” if you have achieved the required activity for that offer. There will be many offers that auto-load to your profile and require no extra steps from you. These offers are available to all PRO Rewards Members. For example, offers found in the monthly PRO FLYER will be auto loaded and shown in the Loaded Offers tab.

Past Offers: For your reference, offers will remain in this tab for 30 days after they expire.

AIR MILES® Reward Miles

Earn 1 AIR MILES® Reward Mile for every $20 when using Cash or Credit Card, before taxes and exclusions. Earn 1 Mile for every $40 when using your KENT in-house account. Connect your Collector Number to your in-house account by clicking here

PRO Flyer

Watch for our monthly PRO Flyer to get updates and deals on the best PRO Brands we have to offer.

PRO Events

As a KENT PRO customer you will have access to private events like PRO Shows, Vendor Sponsored Events, local Golf Tournaments, and more.